​​​​​​​I work with adults experiencing anxiety, obsessive thinking, mood issues, body image, food, eating, and money challenges. I help those who want deeper connections—with others and themselves. My approach is kind, collaborative, and non-judgmental. 
I offer a compassionate, collaborative, and non-judgmental approach, tailoring treatment plans to each individual. I help people deepen self-connection, understand the impact of past experiences, and gain control over their thoughts and emotions so they can move forward stronger, in control, capable. 
Let's get more specific.
I specialize in helping high achieving, busy people who need a break, want a break, but something is getting in the way.  I studied social work and advanced clinical practice at Columbia University. I practice psychodynamically, and have received extensive individualized training and supervision in this modality, and am dedicated to ongoing learning through supervision and training. My dedication to staying up to date and informed ensures a safe, supportive, research and evidence backed approach to treatment. 
Many of the people I work with are going through significant life transitions, facing creative blocks, heartbreak, food and body image challenges, and struggles with spending habits. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, and past trauma are common themes in my practice.
I work with people who push themselves hard. Too hard. It's actually getting in the way of promotions, new jobs, dating, moving, the list goes on. They feel anxious, stressed, and crave the kind of rest a night of sleep can't provide. They used to think all that pressure was helping them, now they're not so sure.
The trouble with pushing yourself harder, harder, harder, is it's eventually hard to know what's fueling you and what's crushing you. Things get blurry. It's hard to slow down.
Is it something else? Maybe you went through a big life change, or maybe that change happened months ago and things just don't seem to be getting any easier. Maybe you want to make changes in your life but it isn't yet clear to you what those changes are or where to start. 
If this resonates with you, I'd love to meet. Send me an email at naomi@naomitalk.com to schedule a consultation call. 
Naomi Root, LCSW
naomi@naomitalk.com | (929) 265-8595
1483 YORK AVE #20094 NY NY 10075
NPI 1407402613 | NYS LCSW 094710
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