Hi, I'm Naomi. I'm a psychotherapist based in New York, providing individual psychotherapy in a confidential and remote setting.
I work with adults in individual therapy, offering an approachable and non-judgmental space for personal growth.
Many of the people I work with are going through significant life transitions, facing creative blocks, heartbreak, food and body image challenges, and struggles with spending habits. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, and past trauma are common themes in my practice.
Maybe you went through a big life change, or maybe that change happened months ago and things just don't seem to be getting any easier. Maybe you want to make changes in your life but it isn't yet clear to you what those changes are or where to start. 
If this resonates with you, I'd love to meet. Send me an email at naomi@naomitalk.com to schedule a consultation call
Naomi Root, LCSW 
NPI #1407402613
LCSW #094710
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