I'm Naomi! I meet with clients 1:1 providing remote psychotherapy. I work with clients residing in New York State. FYI, I'm located in NYC! 
Coming to therapy takes courage, I know this for sure. I'm here to help you clarify your goals and establish a plan for really truly getting there. I'm here to listen and to challenge you. Please know that it is a true privilege to do this work, to hold space for your pain and to support you in your growth. 
Truth is, it isn't your obsessive approach to your work or excessively high standards that have propelled you towards any success you have today... you're here in spite of all that. And don't you dare think for one second that you're alone in this. I know this pain first hand. 
You've tried the self-help books, the podcasts (so many podcasts), the self-care Sundays followed by Sunday scaries... the endless stream of social media content encouraging you to set boundaries, do less, be better, hustle hard or go home... BLEGH. 
 You're no stranger to stress and anxiety, but it's different this time. It's not "just get over it" anxiety, it's something more.  It's this constant pressure to be better than you are, be more impressive and less of something else... more c00l and less lame, staying trendy and up-to-date. You should weigh less, eat less, do less. You should be better, impress people, keep up with appearances. Will it ever end?
Maybe you went through a big life change, or maybe that change happened months ago and you're just finding it so difficult to adjust. Maybe you want to make changes in your life but you're just feeling so confused about what those changes are or where to start. 
You're not sure what's holding you back, but it'd bet you have a hunch. 
Maybe I can help. Let's talk about it.
Naomi Root, LCSW 
NPI #1407402613
LCSW #094710

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