Therapy is an incredible opportunity for self-exploration and healing. It involves working together with a therapist to gain a better understanding of your emotions, behaviors, and the influence of your experiences. Our childhood experiences have a big impact on who we are as adults, and psychodynamic therapy can help you uncover how those experiences are impacting you today.
Working with me
I’m big time focused on my relationship with you. As we progress in our work, our relationship will eventually reveal patterns that emerge in other relationships in your life. By gaining insight into these patterns, we begin to understand how you experience your relationships. As our work progresses, you develop healthier and more effective ways of connecting.
I also recognize the importance of your inner thoughts, dreams, and fantasies. These provide valuable insights into your desires, fears, and inner conflicts. By exploring them, we gain a deeper understanding of you, and can integrate this understanding into your life with intention. This means making decisions that align with your values. This means being a person of true integrity. This means verbalizing what you care about, what you want, and what you absolutely will not tolerate. 
What would it be like to live in your integrity? Imagine the bliss.  Imagine the outrage. What it would be like to speak your truth? Living in your integrity means experiencing your joy and even your pain with greater depth. Becoming more of who you are allows for a deeper and more meaningful experience of your life.
The work of true change is up to you. I'm here to support and guide you along the way, and to empower you as the driver of your own journey.  My approach works best with those who are ready to make a genuine commitment to improve their lives and show up for themselves on a weekly basis at a minimum. If this resonates, I would love to hear from you. 
Sessions typically run 45-55 minutes and are scheduled for a day and time that works for us both. I'm committed to showing up for you each week, and I ask the same of you. Of course, scheduling issues do arise from time to time, and clear communication is key in those instances.
Fees and Insurance
Fees for my services depend on factors such as treatment modality and duration of sessions. I do not participate in insurance panels, however most patients find that their health insurance companies will cover some of my fees as an out-of-network provider. How much is covered depends on your particular insurance policy and includes factors like deductibles and co-pays. I am happy to provide you with the required documentation to facilitate this process. 
Cancellation Policy
I do not charge a fee for sessions cancelled with more than 24 hours notice, excluding holidays and weekends. Missed sessions and cancellations within 24 hours will be billed at the regular rate. Please be aware that cancellations and missed sessions cannot be billed to insurance as regular sessions.
The consultation is on me. Contact me and let's find a time to talk. Email, call or text:
(929) 265-8595

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